When I was young…

….people (especially grandpas) used to say: “You are a really tall and cute boy… do you play basket?”. Could you imagine how many times I had to hear that sentence?. It was a terrible trauma for me…


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5 Respuestas a “When I was young…

  1. bettinathenomad

    And when I was young, I used to be able to name aaaaall the nuts. :-p

  2. LOL… The “…and cute…” chunk have been added intentionally by the author of this blog and is *not* historically confirmed by any means.

  3. bettinathenomad

    Oh dear. Dr Monge clearly hasn’t watched “Best in Show”. A great film. Pea-nuts, wal-nuts, hazel-nuts, macadeeeeemia-nuts… hehe

  4. tallcute

    Poor Monge! he has to see “Best in Show” and he will know the meaning of all traumas…


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