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The Ultimate battle against Infectious Diseases

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a smart seminar titled «Infectious diseases are still with us». The speaker was Dr. Vicente Larraga who discovered a vaccine against Leishmaniasis which is in its third year of being patenting/experimentation/bureacracy-surfing. Interestingly, yesterday, was also announced that Dr. Pedro Alonso had successfully made human assays using a Malaria´s vaccine (with newborns) which, as Leishmaniasis´ vaccine, gives more than 60% of efficacy against these overwhelming diseases.
Dr. Larraga showed us some data about incidence of several infectious diseases on population. Especially about ones that are «invisibles» for our immune system which involve some viri (AIDS), bacteria (TB) or protozoans (Leishmaniasis, Malaria).
As Dr. Larraga said when antibiotics and vaccines were discovered, many researches thought that Infectious disease age had finished, but that was not true for this group because all of them have a similar strategy for infecting: They lie hide inside the host cells until a trigger let them to replicate and invade other cells. In this scenario our immunity system fire against a really well covered enemy losing all our bullets.
With the discover and probe of these vaccines these amazing researchers could erase two of the most killer agents of our planet. In addition, they represent an isle of warriors who fight against «Diseases of poverty» while all the Corporations are saying «Gimme the money, man». Good news.

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