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The most useful sentences for researching

Do you need help with your research papers? Are you lost whenever you read scientific stuff? Maybe these sentences could aid you to understand the real meaning of the scientific writing:

«It has long been known» (I didn´t look up the original reference)

«A definite trend is evident» (These data seems practically meaningless)

«Of great theoretical and practical importance» (Interesting to me)

«While it has not been possible to provide definite answers to these questions» (This was an unsucessful experiment but I still hope to get it published)

«Three of the examples were chosen for detailed studies» (The others made no sense)

«Typical results are shown» (the best results are shown)

«It is believed that…» (I think)

«It is generally believed that…» (A couple of guys think so too)

«It is clear that much additional work will be requiered before a complete understanding of that phenomenon is possible» (I don´t understand any shit)

«Correct whitin an order of magnitude» (Wrong)

«It is hoped that this study will stimulate much work in this field» (This is a crummy paper but so are the others in this field)

«A careful analysis of obtained data» (Three pages of notes were obliterated when I knocked over a glass of beer)

«A stadistically oriented projection of the findings» (Wild guess)

«A highly significant area for exploratory studies» (A totally useless topic suggested by my commite)

«Thanks are due to John Smith for assistance with the experimental work and Paul Johnson for valuable discussion» (Smith did the work and Johnson explained to me what it meant)

I had them for several years over my work desk but I have no idea where did they come…

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