Sex: Playing SEO´s dirty Game

Sorry  if you´ve just found me looking for dirty sex,  stop clicking with your left hand, no such luck! How could it happen? Well, it´s easy: I have learned how to optimize my blog position for googling. That´s basically SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Where did I learn that trick? I attended a meeting on SEO organized by Aprendices (which means Learners in Spanish, who better than them?), an interesting bunch of people with a passion for learning, cross-talking and meeting, which I´ve just joined. The principal speaker was Sergio Monge, an old man in the field, who guided us deep inside the Google engines showing us how to optimize our website or blog like companies do for branding. We started brainstorming about what we think is important for coming first on a Google search and with these bricks we built a scheme (Spanish), which in brief means:

  • Write the most important words in the title or between H1 or H2 tags.
  • Think about which are the words you would like to optimize for being googled.
  • Check how Google is looking at your site: use Lynx.
  • Talk about Google, sex, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton…
  • Log your blog in Yahoo and DMOZ
  • Tag your Pictures!
  • Use a good description for your URLs
  • Be old my friend! (:P)
  • Use tools like Google Webmaster tools or Yahoo Site Explorer
  • Redirect your old site using the 301 tag if you have changed your URL
  • Join online groups (like Aprendices!)
  • And the most important one: Write good and original posts.

I C&P Mak´s list of participants: Julen, Ricardo, Josu OrbeTxetxu, Lorena, Jaio, Carmen, Mikel, Sergio , Alorza, Ramón, Naiara, Ibai, Jaizki, Fernando, Txipi (plus Jaio, Noe and Josu).

Other comments about Aprendices: Taller 5: Cómo divulgar nuestros blogs :

And remember to use the «dirty sex» tag if you are going to link this post 😉

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2 Respuestas a “Sex: Playing SEO´s dirty Game

  1. makgregory


    It was a pleasure to know you. Don’t forget to include good keywords when signing your comments in other blogs. For instance, if I’d log out now, I’d sign as «M@k, the insatiable», but I won’t, and so you’ll be able to discover one more blog from mine ;-).

    Have a happy new year!

  2. tallcute

    I also forgot to write that Google knows more about you than your girlfriend!!!

    Feliz Año Nuevo!

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