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Probabilidad de infectarse con el virus del SIDA

Estas son las probabilidades de infectarse con el VIH al tener contacto con una fuente afectada. Conocer los riesgos es vital para prevenirlos. Hay que recordar que no existe evidencia alguna de que exista riesgo de infectarse por contacto físico, saliva (besarse) o relaciones sexuales utilizando preservativos de forma correcta.


Ruta de exposición Infecciones estimadas por cada 10.000 exposiciones a la fuente de infección
Transfusión sanguínea 9,000
Nacimiento 2,500
Intercambio de jeringuillas  67
Receptor/a en coito anal* 50
Inyección cutánea 30
Receptor en coito vaginal* 10
Penetrador en coito anal* 6.5
Penetrador en coito vaginal* 5
Receptor/a en sexo oral* 1
Penetrador en sexo oral* 0.5
* asumiendo ausencia de preservativo   (los datos de sexo oral corresponden solo a hombres aunque nada indica que existan diferencias entre sexos) 

 Fuente: Wikipedia (AIDS)

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World AIDS Day 2007

Red ribbon world aids day

The world AIDS Day has just finished. This year´s theme was Leadership:

«Much of the best leadership on AIDS has been demonstrated within civil society organisations challenging the status quo».

Since the first case was reported in 1981 AIDS has killed more than 25 million people and at least twice are infected nowadays. There is nothing that I could say better that others said before: we are almost customaries to see the effects of this pandemic in Africa. But Old men, not like me, maybe remember closer stories, when AIDS started to strike into our society, in those days when it was considered a plague for sodomites and junkies. 26 years have passed, all my life, and things have changed to Westerns but Organisations say now that we have started to be lazy and the number of affected is raising in Europe. We don´t know nothing about prevention, do we?

Tomorrow will be another day and the show must go on.

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