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Fiesta con mucha química

Increíble campaña de las becas Marie Curie para apoyar investigadores europeos. Un vídeo digno de enseñarse en secundaria para estudiar química.

Me ha recordado mucho al vídeo de Bio Rad. Parece que los vídeos virales están de moda en la ciencia.

¡Por cierto que grandes los gases nobles estilo emo 😛 !

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Break the Science Barrier

[Part 1 (1/2)] 

Broadcasted in 1996 on a british channel, Break the Science Barrier is a journey that approaches Science to us and shows how important is to fight ignorance by using real problems and circumstances that science had solved. Richard Dawkins host this documentary that follows him as he meets with people who have experienced a Science breakthrough first-hand: the first Pulsar ever discovered, DNA fingerprinting or a protein involved in Cancer development. The documentary is split into 6 parts and it is available on Youtube, Google Videos or its official site by free (it´s also possible to order on DVD for 15$).

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Politics according to Bill Maher

Bill Maher is an american comedian who hosted the Late-Night talk show «Politically Incorrect». He recently interviewed Mike Huckabee, who had announced his candidacy for the 2008 United States presidential election and had answered a question about evolution in a previous debate. Enjoy it!

He also spoke long time ago about French customs comparing with americans, especially on politics. Really sharp, smart and delirious:

Some quotes:

«-John Kerry? I couldn´t vote for him… he looks french– yes… suppose that the other guy just looks stupid»

85% percent of them [French] vote. You couldn´t get 85% percent of americans [..] if there is an election between tits and bigger tits and there are hanging out free samples.

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It´s illegal to say…

Remember, don´t say that…(Source: CollegeHumor)

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