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After saturday´s dinner, Aitor (50% of Linking Paths) recommended us an interesting documentary named «Zeitgeist» (which means something similar like «trends» or «spirit of the age» in German). It is made up of 3 different scenes, the first one speaks about the Old testament God and ancient religions, after that, the director deepens inside the 11/9 attack against Word Trace Center. Finally, he concludes with a dissertation on Federal Reserve system and its power. I catalogued this movie with the Conspiranoia tag, however some of its scenes are bright and impressive. I choose the initial speech about God:

«because I have to say the truth [..] about bullshits [..], all the times champion of the false promises and exagerate claims: religion. Think about it, religion has actually convinced people that is an invisible man, living in the sky, watching everything you do, every minute of every day. And the invisible man has an especial list of 10 things he doesnt want to you do, and if you do any of these 10 things, he has an especial place, full of fire and smoke and burning and torture and angry, where He will send you to live and sufer and burn and shock and scream and cry forever and ever, to the end of time!………… But He loves you!!!!»

Zietgeist the movie (1h:56min). English version with spanish, slovak, polish or Czech subtitles)

See&decide yourself!

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  1. In fact, that cite is from George Carlin. You have red it at The God Delusion. Check also his website.

  2. tallcute

    Hey! You are right… maybe that is the reason because I like it 😛

  3. bettinathenomad

    This sounds good. I’m gonna watch it once I’m less snowed under with work.

  4. tallcute

    I found a review of the movie: http://www.boingboing.net/2007/08/06/jay-kinney-reviews-z.html
    …I still keep the Conspiranoia tag

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  6. REALLY interesting blog you guys have here, loved the images too 🙂 I bookmarked it in my top favorites and will come back to read more (when i finished work … http://www.vmoving.com

  7. joseph

    It is fake. Watch the response, with REAL references in its description:

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